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Our survey was designed to determine whether a unique garlic supplement that contains only stabilized allicin could prevent the classic Hay fever attack from occurring amongst volunteers who have suffered for some years. The supplement Allimax (also found as Weissin and Garcin in Europe) was chosen for study as it is the only product that actually contains allicin as a starting material. Using a simple 5 point scoring system to grade the severity of any hay fever attacks we found that the overall AVERAGE SCORE was 3.95 indicating that ALLIMAX was able to control hay fever very well. Over 80% of volunteers reported a significant reduction in the number of challenges throughout the study period, Only 2 volunteers needed to resort to drug treatment for an attack

There are approximately 12 million sufferers of hay fever in the UK. Symptoms vary from mild discomfort to those that are so severe that the sufferer cannot even go outdoors.

An allergic reaction is caused when the immune system mistakenly identifies a normally harmless substance as a threat. The reason why some people are allergic to substances such as pollen is unknown but it is thought the that the cause is genetic.

  • a congested and itchy nose
  • a constantly running nose
  • the eyes become very itchy and watery
  • the eyelids become swollen and itchy
  • breathing can become difficult
  • there may be loss of taste and hearing
  • dry cough
  • headache

The symptoms vary in severity from person to person and response to high or low pollen counts which vary at various time of the day and according to weather conditions.

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