Dear all,

I was diagnosed with stage 3_4 heart failure in march this year. I was very depressed about this news, I thought my days were numbered. I was recommended your product which I started two AllicinMAX tablets per day. when I was diagnosed my ejection fraction was only 15%, I saw a cardiologist today Who could not believe my recovery, my ejection fraction was now 50% which he said that he had seen such dramatic improvements. I was so excited by this news, because I believed that your product has contributed to my recovery. I hope that other heart failure patients are lucky enough to find this product.

Dear Norman

Thanks for that. I have been using Alliderm topically and it has worked well. As I said in my last email, I have been taking 6 capsules, twice a day for about a week. Prior to that I was taking three capsules, three times a day.

No new boils and the good news is that all three habitation zones (nose, armpits and groin) have all come back as clear as of yesterday which is great. I have AllicinMAX and Alliderm to thank for helping with that. I have also been using other natural treatments which I have found effective such as medical grade Manuka honey, Oregano oil, Olive leaf extract etc. Although these were fairly effective, I believe that the AllicinMAX tipped the balance in my favour for sure.

Because of this good news, my intention is to drop to a maintenance dose of three capsules, once a day in a few days time.

Thanks, Jeremy

Just to say thank you for your Alliderm and Allicinmax tablets. They have really improved my skin and I no longer have acne!
Superb products which I take whenever I go travelling to maintain the health of my skin.

Thank you.

Before I tried Allimax, I suffered from terrible seasonal allergies that consisted of a stuffed nose, itchy throat, chronic sneezing, watering eyes and hives. My allergies became so unbearable that I found it impossible to concentrate in school. I could not go outside and was constantly wiping my eyes and nose. I had tried using over the counter medications but they only worked for a few days, after that I was right back to my same ordeal. I also tried a traditional Chinese medicinal approach, by boiling a mysterious concoction for half an hour and drinking it everyday for one month, this unfortunately did not work for me, and options for allergies seemed a bit limited. A friend of my family suggested Allimax and gave me a bottle, I started taking one a day and over the course of 10 days my allergies quickly became non-existent, and unlike medications it lasted several months. I am very happy with Allimax and will continue to use it as long as I have allergies. I would highly recommended it to anyone.

Kamloops, BC Canada (Allimax is the Canadian name for AllicinMAX)

Hello, my wife and me are almost 60 years old. I have been using Allimax for a long time. My wife got shingles and I knew what it was when I saw it. I had her start taking 360mg in the morning and 360mg in the evening. In 2 weeks the shingles had cleared up. She
now use's it every day.

What a great product. Thanks!

Dear Dr Josling

I just thought I would keep you up to date with my progress, and hopefully impose upon you for a little advice.

Since we spoke some months ago I have been for a battery of tests, including ECG's, MRI's, nerve conduction tests, as well as an ELISA and Western Blot Lyme's test (IGG and IGM came back normal). Nothing has come up, though I remain utterly convinced my symptomology is Lyme's. I have migrating joint pain, muscular pain, light sensitivity, floaters, light flashes, tinnitus, and occasional brain fog and disorientation and ongoing chronic fatigue. And yet the leading expert of Lyme's at Porton Down sees nothing in my symptom picture that suggests Lyme's! I think that if it looks like a duck, quacks and is called Donald, it probably is a duck, if you catch my drift..

I have made slow progress with the Allicin, but progress nevertheless. The cognitive issues are less frequent than they were, and I am managing to keep working (exhausting though that is).
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on some issues?

Firstly, is the allicin effective against the co-infections, like babesia etc?

Secondly, where could I obtain a CD-57 as that seems the most effective marker of Lyme's and effective treatment analysis?

Thirdly, what would be the maximal dosage you would recommend for tackling the Lyme's/co-infections?

I went up to 3x5ml in grapefruit juice last Friday, felt like I had a Herx reaction and then felt very good the next day. Is the liquid the best way forward, and how high can I go dosage wise?

I am going to try the Cowden protocol alongside allicin (which will be a constant in anything I try), and try Silvercillin from Designs for health, it is a stabilised colloidal silver that seems to get good results with Lyme's.

I apologise for imposing upon you - no doubt you are a very busy man, however you are the only person I have discussed this with that has offered any practical advice or concurred with my view that this is Lyme's.

You would have laughed at my neurologists’ appointment - chronic Lyme's was discredited and my symptoms ticked off individually as bilateral nerve impingement, ageing, etc etc. Fine, but all these things came within a year?! Maybe I am just unlucky or a hypochondriac..

Fortunately my doctor has been very supportive, but I feel she has reached the end of her line of available tests and the assessment of the "expert" at Porton Down seems to have excluded the possibility for her that this is Lyme's disease. I remain resolutely optimistic about my outcome; it has just taken longer than I had anticipated. Your DFH pod cast may well have saved me from far worse symptoms, because I started treatment immediately on hearing it, for that I will always be grateful.

Kind regards

Ps - on my recommendation a client of mine in remission from breast cancer applied the spray to an infection and to insect bites which healed very quickly. Another client has the gel, which she applied to post surgical wound infection that was resolutely resistant to antibiotics, she has noticed a marked improvement over the pharmaceutical creams she was given, and my daughter has a wart on her finger which is making good progress with the spray!

Dear Norman
Ref: Mini Schnauzer dog - 4 years old.

He was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer at 6 months old after symptoms of vomiting, low energy, disinterest in food, stomach pain, and blood in stools.

He required Omeprazole 1 x 20mg daily and three small meals per day to avoid excessive acidity. Feed times were critical and more than thirty minutes late (sometimes less) would lead to acidity, vomiting and it would take 2 - 3 days to return him to "normal", during this time he would have to be tempted to eat.

Most brands of dog food and raw diets were tried unsuccessfully over the years, then after a very serious bout of bleeding in his vomit and diarrhoea over Xmas 2011 we tried Burns dog food.This transformed him radically in terms of appetite, energy levels and weight control. Weight dropped off him until he became lean, he began chasing rabbits and he is now full of energy and always hungry. However, feed times were still critical and being late on a feed time would create acidity and vomiting. I was pretty certain his nutrition was now correct and my thoughts returned to my old suspicion of the possibility of helicabacter pylori and the relationship to ulcers.

Having learned of your products, (I stopped the Omeprazole as its benefits were minor in this case), put him on a course of Allimed capsules x 3 daily for 31 days and there were no adverse effects during that time. He has since had Burns dog food alone without any Allimed (for the past month and despite being fed late on a couple of occasions he has not vomited. I do not want to tempt fate because it is so soon, but tentatively I believe the Allimed has killed off the bacteria and hopefully he can now retain this balance.
I am now resuming with one Allimed capsule per day just as a preventative measure for him, although I see nothing to indicate he has any further problems, a big thank you to yourselves and Burns.
Best regards

Rod T MCTHA MBHMA Holistic Therapist.

Wanted to thank you again for the Allimax, That stuff is really good. I was coming down with a respiratory infection after a couple of days of high wind and dust blowing around here. Took some mucinex and aspiring, etc. which seemed to keep it from getting worse...but no better. Then, decided to double up and take about 2 Allimax in the morning....took 2 more that night and the next day the problem was all but gone. So, continuing with the extra dosing and feel much better.

Hi Heather

Thank you for responding to Cindy's call. It was great to talk to you. Sorry it has taken a bit longer than anticipated to get back to you, but Haiti is not easy and communication depends on many factors coming together.

To follow up, as a registered Canadian Charity, I have been working in Haiti for 12 years, focusing on education support for teens and young adults whose parents/guardians/means of support have died. Of our 120 + young people 90 have both parents deceased. Support is not just about paying school fees. It involves purchasing, packaging, distributing food and potable water. It means providing medical, dental and housing support. In short doing the job of substitute parent.

As I shared on the phone, I began using Allimax here in Haiti with our young people after a very positive personal experience. After major surgery to correct a ruptured colon caused by E Coli (in Haiti) I was left with a double colostomy and infection which would not clear, and 5 open draining wounds. After an additional 2 surgeries, the open draining wounds persisted. A friend suggested Allimax which I had taken previously and forgotten about. I told the surgeon, ID specialist and nursing staff what I was going to do and with direction from my Naturopath, I began to take 6 a day. Within 5 days all wounds had shrunk and the largest was only a quarter of the original size. I stayed on the product for 6 weeks then a daily maintenance dose. This was 15 months out of my life, brought to a successful conclusion largely by your product.

We have reduced recovery time for Malaria in half by using Allimax in tandem with anti-malaria med's. I also used it to cure our smallest dog, Ti Sab of pneumonia. She has cerebral palsy and the vet said he could do nothing she would die. Not so.

We are currently using it for 3 very stubborn cases of H. Pylori.

We are a very small registered charity. There is never enough money or food but we somehow manage. I would dearly love to be able to use Allimax proactively (what a concept) as I believe it would make a huge difference in the lives of our young people. I am writing to ask if there is any way you can help us by donating product, or by allowing us to purchase at cost.

I would gladly provide testimonial if that would assist or you may use the contents of this email.

Thank you for considering this request.

Sharon Gaskell